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Spring has hatched

The chicks have arrived!! The lady that called from the post office early this morning sounded a bit surprised at my excitement upon hearing that my chicks had arrived and were ready to pick up. I promptly called my parents and left them hurried messages to PLEASE dash to the post and bring my new babies home, then rushed through the work day, eager to go get the kids and see the chicks.

Much to my surprise, and delight, all 12 of the little chicks arrived alive and peeping, and quickly took to the water dish. It wasn’t long before they found their way to the feed as well.

This was the first time I’ve ever held a chick- I still can’t believe how soft and tiny they are. It was so fun sharing this 1st with the girls, experiencing the same curiosity as they were feeling.
So, we now have 3 females each of Buff Orpington (since they are yellow we easily spot these), silver laced Wyandotte, Dominiques, and Barred Rocks. As these 3 breeds are all black and white, I have no idea how to determine which fuzzballs are which…. Guess we will have to wait and see. The kids wanted to start naming them already with the names we’ve chosen from our favorite Harry Potter characters, but I told them we need to wait a bit and see which chicks make it. Maybe that was mean, but I feel like they shouldn’t be surprised to find a few less chicks in the brooder over the next week or two…
In the meantime, we will keep hammering away at the “barn” my husband is building where their little coop began. He argues that he just knows me better than I realize and that there is no way I will be satisfied with a tiny coop and 3 hens…
It’s been a busy week or so around here- we got the garden planted finally, and helped out with shearing at my mom’s alpaca farm. That was a very interesting process, which I will try to post some pics of soon.
For now, keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck with these little chicks!

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And now we wait!

I’ve done it! I’ve placed my order for our first chickens! In about 8 weeks ( oooooh, the waiting!) we will HOPEFULLY have a chirpy box of Plymouth Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Dominique’s, and Silver Laced Wyandot hens. Pullets. Whatever, the girl kind ūüėČ

So now to hustle the hubby into readying their new home.

In the meantime, the vegetable seeds have arrived and are waiting for me to get them started: Hello seed, meet dirt….. Then there’s the garden plot to be tilled…. Which normally we never get to until around Memorial Day around here… but this year is just, as you’ve noticed… different.

I hope we are not going to suffer the brunt of some great cosmic joke in which we see the sudden return of ” the winter we never had” come April or May! We are just so ready to dive right into this spring.

Even the alpacas at my mom’s farm are eager for spring, as they eye us up and wonder just how quickly the fresh pastures of orchard grass will sprout up for them.

We even discussed getting out the lawn mower this week , and I guarantee that I have never seen grass being mowed in March in my 30+ years!

Plenty of stuff yet to be done in the meantime as we wait …. and wait… on seedlings and chicks.


Spring fever

Dad’s freshly boiled maple syrup is on the table, garden seeds are on order, and the lambs and goat kids are arriving daily for us to go visit! Welcome spring!!!!

Hatching a Plan

I’ve done it. After years of “hen-pecking” at the hubby, I’ve finally broken him down and convinced him that we should give raising a chickens a whirl this spring!!¬† To say that I am excited is a bit understated.¬† Why so much excitement over chickens??¬† Well… over a decade ago (egad¬†where has the time gone?!?!?) we bought this rusty old place in the country with the intent of living a rural lifestyle¬†enjoying the quiet, raising our kids surrounded by nature, and learning to “do for ourselves” in as many ways as we could.¬†¬†Alas, other than¬†my yearly¬†attempts at gardening and a lot of do-it-yourself home improvement projects, we have not yet embraced¬†my ultimate¬†goal of country-living:¬† raising some sort of livestock.¬†¬† I mean, heck, we could have stayed in the city and had the DOG… why are we out here in the middle of nowhere if we aren’t going to actually do “country” things- we NEED chickens!!!

We’ve been sneaking out the door with our parents’ farm-fresh chicken eggs for years now-¬†perhaps it was guilt over not being self-sufficient enough that got him.¬† Or perhaps it was the ugly articles I shared with him recently showing that the FDA is finally admitting to allowing arsenic in supermarket chicken (ack! ugh! what?!?).¬† Perhaps, just maybe, he is just tired of listening to me going on and on about how we should do this… yeah, that’s probably it.

Where to begin?¬† Well, the coop seems like an obvious first step.¬† Do you have any idea HOW MANY KINDS of chicken coops exist?¬† It’s mind-boggling.¬† I’m pouring over internet¬†sites, books, and magazines researching coop designs.¬† On our way to church last weekend, I made him do a quick u-turn to go back and check out an Amish coop for-sale by the road side.¬† There are coop designs sketched out and laying all over the place.¬† We had pretty much decided on building plan for the coop…but that was before I found one yesterday with an HERB¬†GARDEN on it’s roof, oooh!!!!¬† Grocery shopping yesterday I found an actual magazine dedicated to chickens, and giggled like a crazy person as I added it to my cart- yes indeed, people who raise chickens certainly should have their own magazines!

This should be quite an adventure for us….

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