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achieving a goal, with help from some alpacas

It truly is an amazing feeling to check off an item on your personal bucket list, and I am very excited to be checking off one on mine. The editor of the new From Scratch online magazine was kind enough to include an article written by me in the premier issue! I could hardly be more excited than to be included along with the many very talented contributors to this issue- including one of my personal “heroines “- Jenna Woginrich! Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read this gorgeous and information packed first issue! Mine is a little article on alpacas, and even includes a photo of a few of my mom’s girls from Cardinal Acre Alpacas.

This was such a fun experience. http://www.fromscratchmag.com/

Hope that you enjoy the magazine as much as I do!

And now we wait!

I’ve done it! I’ve placed my order for our first chickens! In about 8 weeks ( oooooh, the waiting!) we will HOPEFULLY have a chirpy box of Plymouth Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Dominique’s, and Silver Laced Wyandot hens. Pullets. Whatever, the girl kind 😉

So now to hustle the hubby into readying their new home.

In the meantime, the vegetable seeds have arrived and are waiting for me to get them started: Hello seed, meet dirt….. Then there’s the garden plot to be tilled…. Which normally we never get to until around Memorial Day around here… but this year is just, as you’ve noticed… different.

I hope we are not going to suffer the brunt of some great cosmic joke in which we see the sudden return of ” the winter we never had” come April or May! We are just so ready to dive right into this spring.

Even the alpacas at my mom’s farm are eager for spring, as they eye us up and wonder just how quickly the fresh pastures of orchard grass will sprout up for them.

We even discussed getting out the lawn mower this week , and I guarantee that I have never seen grass being mowed in March in my 30+ years!

Plenty of stuff yet to be done in the meantime as we wait …. and wait… on seedlings and chicks.


Hitting the Road

I’m finally getting around to packing up for vacation (nothing like leaving it to the last minute, as always). Outer Banks, here I come!  I’m pretty excited, having never been there before.  The downside being that my favorite guy (don’t worry dear hubby, I am referring to YOU) won’t be joining us, as he is staying behind to take care of these lovely ladies for my mom instead.  (Ain’t he just a sweetheart!)

I will try to control my jealousy 🙂

Vacations are pretty hard to plan when you’ve got a farm in the mix.  Can’t really just turn on the tv softly and set up the automatic food and water dishes.  Something I will need to consider further with the arrival of the chickens this spring- who will I get to care for them when we want to go away? Hmmmm….

Road trip

  So what DO you Do when an Alpaca pees in your car?  That’s the question off the day here… I won’t get into all the reasons WHY there was an alpaca in my minivan…well, 3 of them to be exact… but it made for an interesting road trip!  We learned a few things today:  they don’t appear to like sports radio (me either, thank you), they whine almost as much as my 3 year old from the back of the car, and if you REALLY want to freak out a state toll booth worker, roll down the windows on a van full of alpacas when you pull up to pay your toll 🙂

Oh, and I am going to make a fortune inventing diapers for transporting livestock.  A FORTUNE, I say.

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