Good Golly, Miss Molly

So here’s the scoop on our coop- there is trouble in the hen house. (Am I killing ya with all these little rhymes? )
Upon opening the coop door yesterday afternoon to say howdy and check the waterer, I was met with the unpleasant sight of some bloody chickens and spatter covering quite a few surfaces!! Ack!!
They all came rushing at me as soon as the door was open, so it took a few minutes to get everything calmed down and assess the situation. Alastor the rooster was bleeding from his very weird and large comb ( he’s a double rose combed silkie- which to me looks like brains are on the outside of his head….). A few of the hens had some splatter on their feathers, and then there was Molly covered in blood on her head.
Miss Molly is our biggest hen- a Buff Orpington. She is queen bee and very aggressive with all the others, always asserting her dominance in the flock. We named her after Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter series, as they are both “stately” ladies and Molly Weasley shows some serious backbone when challenged (go read them. ALL of them.) We thought that might change once we added the rooster… but instead she just took to attacking him along with the others.
This is only the 2nd time the squabbling had led to bloodshed. Molly got Alastor once before on his chest.
So we grabbed the blue coat spray and carefully treated both Alastor and Molly. The others were all unscathed. We cleaned up in the coop and put all back to order.
It’s freezing cold here, so I’m not really wanting to separate her, it would be difficult to keep her warm on her own.
I’m not really sure what else to do at this point but just hope they start to get along and that spring comes soon so they can get outside more often. I do wish Miss Molly would just behave!!


4 responses to “Good Golly, Miss Molly

  • Kerry

    Carnage in the coop! Our poor rooster is still terribly henpecked — his entire back half is bald, even though we’ve painted him with pine tar several times (which always feels to me like we’re basting him with barbeque sauce!). And I’ve seen Esmerelda grab him by the comb and drag him across the run, too. Bet if she and Miss Molly formed a team, they could rule the world!

  • Bev

    We are having the same issue with our Australorp. We have a Barred Rock that is older and somewhat lame and I found her lying on the floor the other day half dead. She’s in our kitchen now in a crate recovering. We will be using our brooding pen for her out in the big coop soon. The other chickens are fine with her but the Australorp is relentless. I really think it is because they have not been freeranging as much lately and are feeling “cooped up”.

    • keepyourmemoriesinyourshoes

      Oh I hope your hen is doing better!? Yes, I agree I think they have a bit of cabin fever. This is our 1st winter with them, so I’m not sure how to relieve that for them except to hope for a break in the winter weather! Good luck and thanks for stopping 🙂

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