Choosing a coop…

So it seems that the most logical place to start with my new chicken raising venture is to get a coop ready.   Only problem is, as I noted before, there are a million different coop designs out there and I’m having a terrible time trying to pin down the one for me.  Speaking of “pin,” this past week has also brought the onset of a new addiction- Pinterest!  This site is completely wonderful and beckons to my inner dorm room living girl- the one whose entire life and style revolved around whatever lovely scraps of art/media/recipes/notes I stuck to the bulletin board at the time.  A digital place to stick (and ORGANIZE!!) the many many wonderful ideas and items I find online.  But I digress….

After weeks of perusing the like of Backyard Poultry and Chickens Magazine, scouring the internet (and making a crazy list of them in Pinterest!), and snooping at neighboring farms as we drive by- I think I’ve finally narrowed the possibilities down to a few.  There’s the small, tidy, herb-garden-roofed option seen in the spring issue of Chickens Magazine.                      

Or the grand palace of chicken coops found at Chez Poulet

I LOVE this one, but my husband and in-laws think I may have lost my mind on this.  Literally- I got the raised eyebrow thing from my mother-in-law…but she probably thinks I am a nut anyways….


Then there’s this one- pretty simple design, seems very practical, cleanable, easy to maintain- except that I think we’d skip the brick edging at the bottom:



Of course, there’s also the completely impractical, insanely fun, and illogical ones that I adore like this one at off beat home :

Or this one that looks like it belongs in Lord of the Rings. It’s fabulous, but honestly, my kids would throw the chickens out and move in to this one (and I would not blame them):


Like I said, there are endless possibilities when it comes to coops.  I’ve even seen a few sites that suggest “upcycling” the plastic kids outdoor playhouses in coops (and we just happen to have a couple of those kicking around the yard….).

I’m hoping to make a decision on the coop style in the next week so we can begin to figure out the materials and cost it out. Whichever design we go with, I’ll be using as much recycled material as possible which should hopefully keep the costs down. One thing is for sure, after all the work it takes to pick out a chicken coop design, I’ve realized that we will NEVER be able to build our own home from scratch- it would just be impossible to make that decision!


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